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Acrux Cloud Features

A list of features and functionalities that make our hosting service the most complete dedicated VPS hosting option there is out there.

Control Panel

Control Panel is a system that allows you to manage your hosting account. It’s the easiest way to manage your hosting tasks and has all the features you need in one place.

Quick Install

Unlike when using other premium hosting services, you won’t have to spend hours setting up your dedicated VPS. With our highly functional yet surprisingly user-friendly Control Panel, you won’t need more than a couple minutes to set things up and get going.

Instant Changes

No matter how small or big the change you need to make, it will go live on your site or your hosting account as soon as you make it. And that goes for adding new WordPress websites as well. Everything get’s done in a matter of seconds

Different Requirements, Different Plans

We have many different plans to meet the specific requirements of different types of users. You don’t have to pay for more than what you’re going to use Moreover, you also don’t have to worry about any restrictions or shortage of resources when your requirements increase or you suddenly start getting more traffic. You can simply upgrade your plan and you will instantly have the resources you need for your new requirements.

Powerful, Simple, Functional

We use the most advanced and powerful hosting infrastructure you can get for your WordPress website. However, the beauty of choosing us as your hosting provider is that you don’t get the technical complexities associated with such a powerful hosting setup. We take care of all the complex stuff for you in the background so that you can get to use a straightforward, simple and surprisingly user-friendly interface.

Application Stack

A good uptime is no longer enough for your website. In the highly advanced digital age that we live in, your website also needs to be fast enough for both the users and search engines, secure enough to protect itself from hackers, and flexible enough to accommodate all your specific requirements. Our advanced configuration comes with all kinds of optimizations imaginable so that you can have your hands on a perfect setup to work with right off the bat.


Simply put, HTTP/2 is the faster, smoother and more advanced form of HTTP, which serves as an important part of the foundation of the World Wide Web as we know it today. HTTP/2 ensures a faster transfer of the signals being communicated to and from the server, paving the way for a faster loading time for your website and a better user experience for your visitors.


Nginx is known for being one of the best web servers there is out there, and it’s what we use here at Acrux. It brings with it an improved speed, security and scalability.


Regardless of whether you’re using WordPress or PHP, you would get a more advanced configurability thanks to Apache.

Latest PHP Version

Get the latest PHP version as well as all the other updates as soon as they are released. If for some reason you need to work with an older PHP version you can request that as well.


PHP-FPM is what we use as our server’s process manager and it does a great job at utilizing your server’s resources in an optimum way.


A premium database management system for a premium dedicated VPS. What’s more? We always make sure you’re running the latest, most updated version.


We always make sure you get the best of hosting technologies, and Google’s Brotli is a newer, faster web standard that we have already included in our server setup.


We offer built-in support for you here so that the configuration is completely hands-off and all automated for you without you having to do anything.


We use Ubuntu LTS for our servers, the most popular and reliable option among the lot.If you don’t already know, there’s pretty much no server provider that doesn’t support Ubuntu.


We take your data super seriously and employ all kinds of measures to keep it safe.

Secure Architecture

Forget the traditional control panels with mediocre security. Our control panel boasts the most advanced security architecture there is.

Advanced Security Practices

We also use the most advanced security practices designed to keep both our internal systems and your servers safe.

Automated Updates

We make sure you never miss an update by setting up automatic updates for your server’s software. This also means that you’re always protected by the latest of security patches with no room for any vulnerabilities.


We use an advanced iptables firewall to block all types of malicious traffic to your site and blocking any attempts for compromising the security of your website or dedicated VPS.

No Open Ports

Our control panel is highly secure and never out of date, and we make sure there are no open ports that hackers can use to break into your server and website.

Unprivileged PHP

We further enhance your website’s security by offering an unprivileged system for your PHP processes, which means your website and the other services you use would run separately.

App Isolation

Even if one of your websites ends up with a compromised or insecure WordPress plugin, we ensure the risk doesn’t spread to your other websites on the same dedicated VPS.


You never have to use insecure FTP as we configure secure secure shell file transfer protocol for you.

Free, Automatic SSL Certificates

Unlike with other cheaper hosting services, you don’t have to go through the hassle of setting up SSL certificates for all your sites yourself. We automatically install SSL certificates for all the sites on your server.


Advanced monitoring system lets you track everything in one place and allows you to stay on top of all the processes and configurations running on your dedicated VPS.

Server Stats

Our server stats are updated in real-time, while being very detailed and easy to track. Even if you’re a beginner, you won’t have any trouble getting a good idea of your serverhealth.

Log Viewer

A super convenient way of viewing server and application log files, without having to switch back and forth between different menus or options.

Request Stats

Everything you need to know about the health of your apps, error logs and even your server-side user experience, you will find it here.


Ranging from slow scripts to memory usage, you get all that useful information here while also being able to improve app performance.


While we don’t really think you would need support given how complete our hosting service is, let us tell you that we are always there if you ever do.

True Experts

Our support staff are people who are real experts about server infrastructure and hosting technologies.

Reliability In-House Staff

Support is one very important aspect of a hosting service, and we don’t go cheap on it by hiring outsourced staff. We have highly experienced, in-house staff.

Pick a plan That Fits Your Needs.

All plans include free migrations and a hack fix guarantee.
No long term contract.Cancel Anytime.


Perfect for beginners
Billed monthly
2 WordPress installs
25,000 Visits
25 GB disk space
1 GB Memory
Free SSL
Staging area
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Agencies and professionals
Billed monthly
3 WordPress installs
75,000 Visits
60 GB disk space
3 GB Memory
Free SSL
Staging area
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Solution for enterprise
Billed monthly
5 WordPress installs
100,000 Visits
80 GB disk space
4 GB Memory
Free SSL
Staging area
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